Broken Promises and Wrong Reactions – ADOPT AN ATTITUDE

Things don’t go your way.  People don’t do what they said they would.  How does this affect your Attitude?


Break an egg for a Broken Promises Omelet, with a side of No Accountability, a dash of Neglect, peppered with a Lack of Integrity, gives us all a great opportunity to end up with a stomach full of Rage and Anger.  The question is, who suffers?  It’s not the Broken Promises Omelet but the acid reflux of our wrong reactions that give us the Attitude heartburn.

This is the Broken Promises Omelet that I was served today –

I went in for my prescheduled medical appointment this morning.  The person took my information, then asked when I would like to schedule the procedure, to which I stated, “I’ve been fasting for 12 hours and was scheduled to do it now.”  Then I was told that I was scheduled at their other facility!  I drove over there and they told me I would have to wait for an hour or so.  I couldn’t do it, since I had another commitment to meet with a Client.  My Broken Promises Omelet was served.

After my Client meeting, I went home to meet someone who scheduled a service appointment with me on a home appliance.  An hour went by, no phone call, no service person, nothing?  So, I called the company, left a message, and moved on to my next appointment, the rescheduled medical procedure.  Now I had the side of no Accountability.

Medical procedure done, after 16 hours of fasting, time for lunch.  My schedule had become tight, needed to get to my next appointment so I went through a reliable and famous drive thru restaurant.  I drove away, parked in the shade, opened up my food, and IT WAS THE WRONG ORDER!  My whole meal, complete with the dash of Neglect and peppered with a Lack of Integrity was on my plate.


How would you be feeling after all of this?  What do you think was going on with me?

The Truth…….As it was happening, I started to recognize the external events as being out of my control but did have a minor reaction.  Internally I started to realize what was going on and chose to remain calm toward the situation and the day.

My Story, is your Story……so how will you react?  Situations like this happen everyday, and many are out of our control.  What we can control is our reaction to these situations.  We don’t have to eat the Broken Promises Omelet,  just push it away and choose another restaurant. 

My keys to preserving my Attitude:

  1. Write your plans in pencil, not ink.  Be flexible, most everything that happens is not the end of the world and the things that were a big deal 5 years ago you probably can’t remember.
  2. Catch your reaction.  Be aware of your emotions and catch them before they consume you.  Watch your words, as they might hurt others, even those coming toward you.  Your reaction only hurts you.
  3. No one is perfect.  We all make mistakes, everyone.  How does it make you feel when someone attacks you when you’ve made a mistake?  Have empathy for those involved, things will get resolved in a better manner.

But this next one is the biggest key for me and gives me the strength to overcome every situation:

Paul the Apostle wrote “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5

By receiving this truth, I am at peace in my mind/attitude in ALL situations.  Why?  Because Jesus is not worried, stressed out, or upset by anything.  So why should I, if my thoughts line up with HIS thoughts, and I see things the way HE sees things.  This may sound simple or trite, but to me it has been deeply profound in giving me the strongest foundation to Adopting an Attitude that gives me an incredible mental perspective.