The Truth shall set you Free, but do you want it?

Something we all desire, that feeling of being set Free.  But do we really want the Truth?


Can You Handle The Truth?  

Are we just more comfortable faking each other out, appeasing, so we don’t upset anyone?  Everyday I see it.  We do it everywhere, with family, friends, work, politics, church……

So is it the fault of the hearer or the teller?

I say both!  We all have an angle we are working.  To control, or manipulate, or protect, it’s just too painful as the hearer to face rejection and too fearful as the teller to face loss.

The solution starts with you.  Look in the mirror and take a stand, stop falling into these traps.  You know, if your honest, that it creates conflict within your own mind, becoming a slippery slope.

Listen and check others motives for control, while challenging yourself regarding peer pressure and being accepted.

Live Truth, Love Truth and The Truth shall set you Free!

John 14:6