As a child I used to make paper boats and watch them go down a stream.  As the boat traveled it encountered obstacles along the way.  This reminds me of my journey through life and the difficulties that lie within.


The journey begins so peacefully with everything in tact, no worries, with no trouble in sight.


But this is what lies ahead…..swift currents, unseen rocks, twists and turns, with no end in sight……

This is where the rubber meets the road with pressures of the unknown.  Your whole body, mind and soul become affected as you traverse the waters and obstacles.

So what do you do?  How do you handle this?  I would suggest to F.L.O.W. with the GO.  This has been my healing process over the last year, and I hope that it encourages and helps you as you FLOW with the River of LIFE.

F….FEELINGS ARE VALID.  As you start encountering difficulties, allow yourself to FEEL.  Your feelings are healings and will allow yourself to stay on course.  Feelings are temporary, they come and go like the wind, but if you bury them and ignore them they won’t go away but just cause a deeper problem within.  Note:this doesn’t mean to use your feelings as a weapon to hurt or injure others.



L….LOVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS.  Whether your journey is smooth or rough, stay in an attitude of LOVE.  When things get tough we start to blame ourselves and others.  Hatred will do nothing but sink your ship by breaking down the infrastructure, causing weakness, depression, anxiety and even cancer.  LOVE is the most powerful thing you can do, so give up and give in to LOVE.



O….OPEN UP TO NEW INFORMATION.  You find yourself in the middle of turmoil with difficulties of the past, present and future on your mind.  You use everything that you know to guide yourself through this process, but it doesn’t seem to be working, your boat is being rocked.  This is when you must be OPEN to new information that can help you with troubled waters.



W….WAITING IS THE HARDEST PART.  You’ve embraced your FEELINGS, you have an attitude of LOVE and have OPENED UP to new information.  But you want it all to work now!  This is where patience kicks in my friend.  The journey is long and arduous, and the healing takes time.  BE PATIENT with yourself and remain under the circumstances you find yourself in, I promise, it will all be OK.



Finally, as you sail on your ship through this journey we call LIFE, remember to FLOW WITH THE GO and I promise you will find PEACE OF MIND, while knowing that you are LOVED by others and THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU and will COMFORT you through this journey.