“This is what we need to do next.”

When you get to the awkward moment and there is nothing left to say. Once you’ve shared, cared and listened to your Client’s needs. What do you say? What do you do?

Salesperson asking young female customer to sign on document at car showroom. Horizontal shot.

The little phrase “This is what we need to do next” is when you guide them through the close. Never ask, “What do you think?” or “What do you want to do?”. This is the time that you have earned the right as a consultant to be a leader by telling your Client what to do.

Some may balk at this notion of telling, but it is what your Client is looking for, leadership.

What if the Client throws an objection your way and doesn’t follow? This is good. Now if you’ve consulted correctly and listened for their “Hot Buttons” you start by going back to the Hot Button. For Example, you say “This is what we need to do next” and the Client says “I’m not sure”, you say “about?”. Whatever the Client says next, it’s usually not relevant unless they agree to the next step.

Your job is now to ask them about a Hot Button. For Example, you say “remember how you told me safety was a big issue with you?”. Now it triggers their emotions and reasons for buying. If the Client says “yes” and is in agreement to the safety issue, then you elaborate on the product providing the solution to this issue and simply go back to saying “This is what we need to do next”.

If you have done your discovery work on the front end of consulting, then you will find great success using this phrase and doubling your closing percentage.