The Orange Tree: Pick the Ripe Fruit

Prospecting is like picking Oranges off a tree. First you start with the ripe ones on the ground, and then the ripe ones on the tree. You don’t pick the fruit that isn’t ripe.


The nice thing about picking ripe fruit is that you can tell they are ripe by looking at them. It’s not that easy when prospecting, but it is the same concept. It’s a numbers game, the 80/20 rule. You have to meet 100 people to find the 20 that are ripe.

Many sales consultants beat themselves up needlessly by trying to convince an unripe prospect into becoming ripe. You can’t change the numbers, they are what they are. Instead of trying to make them ripe, just fertilize, water and love them where they are at, until they become ripe.

If you are dedicated to the numbers of calls, you will find the ripe fruit along the way. Some of the fruit is so ripe, it will be rotting on the ground and will be the easiest prospect who may even say to you “I’ve been waiting for you to come see me, I was just thinking about or needing your service!”