Is your Mask wearing you out?

Is the Mask wearing you out?

Halloween, time to dress up and put on the Masks.  But wait, don’t we all wear Masks everyday?  Are we really living as our true selves, or hiding ourselves, worried about what others will say if they see the real person?  When and why did this all start, this wearing of Masks and what are we really trying to project?


Do you put on the Mask with a fake smile to cover up pain on the inside?

Watch children.  How free are they?  The say the strangest things…….not worried about how they are perceived, a pure state of transparency and authenticity.  What happened to us?   I discovered recently that I put on the mask of toughness after going through abandonment as a teenager.  I didn’t realize that I had put on this mask and covered my heart with a shield, making the decision that “I will never allow myself to feel hurt like this again.”  Instead of remaining free, I responded to internal pain and applied external masks to survive, becoming a “tough guy”.  Do you remember when it happened to you?  Are you really truly living a free life, not trapped by the masks you wear?

“No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.”

― Nathaniel Hawthorne

Take off the Masks, meet the real you and live free!

  1. Get Real with yourself-  Revisit your past and discover when and why you started putting the masks on.  Get help, counseling, reflect, pray or whatever helps you get honest.
  2. Make a list-  Write it all down.  Keep discovering and find out all the masks that you use to hide behind.
  3. Let go-  Surrender to the process of giving up the masks and embracing the real you.  Pray and seek God’s help while forgiving yourself and others.
  4. Quit caring-  Give up on worrying about how others judge or categorize you.  You can’t control them.  The people who love you as you are will appear and be your true friends.
  5. Live Free-  Experience each day and discover who you were really created to be.  You are so special and wonderful and a blessing to those around you.
  6. Trust and follow-  God created good works for you to walk in.  Follow Him and HE will guide you to be content living in HIS perfect will for you.
  7. Forgive and forget-  Don’t resent others for the masks they wear.  Have  compassion, listen to them and be strong in who you are.

Bible Verses to consider:  James 1:23, Ephesians 2:10, Luke 6:37