“Making the Call” a Non Fiction Book by Lance Easley with Brock Thoene, Barbour Publishing, scheduled for release late August 2013.

MAKING THE CALL—Working Title–Synopsis

What if your life hinged on a decision that occupied less than a few seconds of time? What if a dream that became a miraculous reality was shattered in that same moment? What if you became in that instant the object of scorn and hatred for literally millions of people?

How would you deal with it? Where would your faith take you from there?

Lance Easley knows the answers to those questions! MAKING THE CALL reveals the man, the circumstances and the spiritual impact behind the most controversial call in all of professional football…perhaps in all of sports history.

MAKING THE CALL follows the unbelievable chain of circumstances that led Lance to his ‘dream job’ as a referee for the NFL and to his dramatic and shattering experience on a Monday Night Game seen LIVE by more than 16 million people and then by millions more around the world.

But the outpouring of hatred heaped on Lance for what was perceived a “blown call” is NOT the end of his story—not even the most important part. Lance Easley is a Christian, a man who speaks openly of his faith in board rooms and locker rooms…to celebrities and student athletes alike. When some bluntly told him: “Your life is over!” Lance responded that God’s plan for his life was still intact, even if it did take him in an unexpected direction!

MAKING THE CALL allows Lance to share those insights with the world. When your dreams are shattered…when the world tells you that you should give up in defeat…how does the Lord’s hand guide you to see that circumstance in an utterly other-worldly way?