Lance Easley

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“We all have to make controversial decisions in our lives, mine happened on Monday night football watched by millions of people as an NFL official. How do you deal with the calls in your life? Thank God I was prepared for what happened that night and what happened afterwards. My message shows you how to create the mindset to handle the difficult decisions and have inner peace with a strong foundation.”


Lance Easley


Our Clients Say

    Mark A. Coudray
    Mark A. Coudray

    I've known Lance since 2009 when he became my personal banker with Wells Fargo. Having been in business since 1973 and gone through dozens of account mangers, Lance stood out immediately as a different kind of banker.

      B. Coulter

      Past Vice-President for Athletics California Association of Health, Phys. Educ., Recreation and Dance

      This is a recommendation for Mr. Lance Easley who has been a featured speaker at our statewide professional conference.  His session drew over 250 conference participants. 

        Maria Keckler
        Maria Keckler

        Lance Easley knows his industry and his product. Yet, most impressive is his ability to listen to the needs of his customers to provide customized solutions that fit their needs. Although I tend to resist change when it comes to my banking relationships

          Breven Baima
          Breven Baima

          Lance did a great job organizing the basketball officials unit I belong to.

            Justin Madden
            Justin Madden

            Lance is a very likeable guy. In the few months that I worked with him at Garda I was quite impressed how quickly he learned the ins and outs of the business. He was very successful even though he was with the company a short time.

              Mike Ostini

              SBCEO Personnel Commissioner

              “Lance gives his audience an insightful look into the world of an NFL Official while sharing a system he uses to make the Right Calls in Life. His insight, humor and message kept the audience engaged and entertained with principles they could take away and implement in their own lives.”

                Vincent K.

                Mohr Mountainbrook Community Church Men’s Ministry

                What Lance shared I believe the men saw way to handle and overcome the persecutions and challenges in their own lives… it certainly did for me. Anyone organization would be blessed to have Lance come and share with them...  I recommend Lance Easley without any reservation whatsoever.   

                  Colin Jones

                  Caltrans Public Affairs Mgr. San Luis Obispo, CA

                  I’ve known Lance Easley for 40 plus years since our time as UCLA students. He’s got the unique ability to connect with both executives and rank and file. Lance has so many interesting, meaningful life experiences that his messages always resonate with audiences on either a personal, social or professional level. He’s a very passionate, sincere and effective communicator.

                    Dina Phinney

                    CEO WeAssistU Foundation

                    I had the pleasure of having Lance as one of my guest speakers for my foundation event. His testimonial about his experiences in life and career resonated to our guests. I highly recommend him and look forward to having him again at one of our events.

                      Dan Powell

                      SVP of international not for profit human service organization

                      “Lance’s unexpected journey & story is one that couldn’t be written - and yet it was -  by Lance and his faith. Along the way he endured, shared it and loved those like me, my son and others as he shares his unique, extraordinary story.”