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“Make the Right Calls” – How to make critical decisions and live with them.

Everyone desires to discover foundational peace that will champion their lives and help them make the right calls to live with their decisions. With so much noise coming at us we can become confused, despised, overwhelmed and challenged with our decision making process.

20+ years of football officiating at the highest levels including the NFL, has given me a 5 part proven system to strengthen decision making by leveraging 4 techniques to establish a solid foundation.

“Lance gives his audience an insightful look into the world of an NFL Official while sharing a system he uses to make the Right Calls in Life. His insight, humor and message kept the audience engaged and entertained with principles they could take away and implement in their own lives.”
Mike Ostini, LPFOA Assigner, SBCEO President

Learning Objectives

Understand the 6 key factors within the process of living with your decisions.

The 5 principles to help safeguard your decision making process.

Discover the 3 key actions you can implement to create peace of mind and growth.

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